🌺 nature & animal blog.
🌺 see info page for tags, TWs, etc.

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they/he, adult. i post pictures of nature and animals that i like.

i don't own any images posted unless otherwise specified. all photos are sourced, and the majority of photos posted here are creative commons, but not all are, so please check the sources for individual licenses.

🌺 tag info:

  • all photos on this blog are tagged #nature.

  • photos of nature scenes are tagged #landscape and with specifics like mountains, forest, flowers, etc.

  • photos of animals are tagged #animals and then with their common names as well as specific categories such as arachnids, canidae, felidae, etc.

i may post sporadically or take breaks from the blog at times. sorry. the queue frequency will typically be 1-3 posts per day.

🌺 tag warnings:

  • #animal death / #blood β€” warnings for photos where animals are eating other animals, etc. though i won't be posting anything highly graphic.

  • #insects / #spiders β€” they're animals so i post pics of them sometimes. just a warning since i know that a lot of people are scared of bugs.

  • #bones / skeletons β€” i may post pics of animal skeletons

🌺 icon source: Photo by Jeremy Goss